John Lucas

John Lucas is a 6.5 feet tall and 138kgs South African Bodybuilder who has mesmerized his fans with his massive muscles and unbelievable dance moves. He is a face of many fitness brands and is popularly known as Gentle Giant

John was not as huge as he is now, it all started off as a dream

“I had a dream of becoming a legendary fitness model. My journey began at the tender age of eighteen weighing 80kg, with a slight built and a lot of height! It was legends such as: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Mike O’ Hearn, that John Lucas looked up to as a source of inspiration. It was their muscular, high calibre physiques that had caught the aspiring fitness models eye.

After many years of consistent training, commitment and the correct nutrition, My dreams of becoming a professional fitness model began to materialize. I was now competing at an international level at the WBFF Worlds 2014 Las Vegas, under the bodybuilding division. More determined than ever, I then went on to, shooting with one of the most highly recognized photographers in the world of fitness, Allan Spiers. This was a pivotal point in the athlete’s journey to becoming a successful, an internationally recognized fitness model. The large response generated from the fitness shoot had not only motivated me to follow My passion and live my lifelong dream, but too also inspire others to succeed.

My career began to flourish after the leading brand; Evolution Sports Nutrition, welcomed the athlete on board as his sponsor. I have a firm belief in always giving back, to both the sponsors as well as my fans. It was this mentality that enabled me, and my manger Sanesh Singh to attract another four new incredible sponsorship opportunities. By: MIWhey protein ice- cream, Bulk4YouFoods, Grab and Go meals and Omtex Sports”

For John Lucas it was a dream that materialized due consistent hard work day in and day out. An eighteen year old, who went from 80 kg with a slight built; to a fitness model whose weight now fluctuates between 125-135kg with a body fat ranging between 4-7%, seventeen years down the line.
"If you continuously compete with others you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better." -John Lucas