ESN was established for the need to provide world class supplemental nutrition in India. Joining forces with Jonty Rhodes who is in his early 40’s and still likes to enjoy the lifestyle he had a good 20 years back was a critical factor for ESN.

This world renowned cricketer who is who is also legendary for his fitness, stamina and agility provided the critical input for the various needs of sports persons. Having an experienced sports enthusiast, role model as well as an avid business man on-board was the perfect synergy for ESN and local Atikaay Narula, who's experience, stems from the pharmaceutical and nutritional manufacturing industry from various countries around the world. The result was a stream of cutting edge nutritional sports and lifestyle products.

Both Jonty and Atikaay are active businessmen and realised the potential and support that was needed for corporate environments. Knowing first hand the ailments that plague modern day corporates. The need for nutritional products that alleviate lifestyle diseases like depression, obesity, diabetes etc. was born. Staying true to the rich sports culture the ESN brand has expanded to products that are safe and effective for enhancing human performance at any level.


  • ISO 22000.
  • State-of-the-Art production facility.
  • Recognised by the media as India's first truly, health, wellness, lifestyle and sports nutrition company,
    with products tailor-made for today’s corporate environment and work styles.
  • Appeared in Forbes India Magazine of 16 December, 2011.
  • Listed at leading Fitness centres.
  • WADA Compliant (drug free sports).


  • To Become a House-hold, Trusted Brand Name in India.
  • Accessible to All. Priced Competitively and Affordable.
  • To Educate and Re-educate on the Benefits of Healthy Lifestyles.
  • Never Compromise. Attend to Every Aspect in Any Form Necessary through Diversity, Talent and Adaptation.


  • Evolution Sports Nutrition products are manufactured according to stringent ISO regulations and therefore
    proactive steps are taken to ensure that our products are safe, pure and effective.
  • As part of this system, laboratory tests are performed on a regular basis to ensure
    that the ingredients used in ESN products.
  • Comply with suppliers certificate of analysis. Are pure and free from contaminants.
  • n Addition, independent FSSAI accredited laboratory tests are performed on a regular basis
    to ensure that final ESN products are meeting the label claims.